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Basic One Year Listing $0.00
Basic one year listing includes link to your web site and 3 photos.
You do not get access to post your business to our over 20,000 local members in our local buy/sell groups.  That requires a featured listing.  Go back and select the featured listing for this additional opportunity. 
Why is this valuable?  People can find you easier.  People can share your business easier when they give referrals.  
Sign up for this free listings today as this is free only until December 31st and will go up to $49 after January 1st. 
Featured One Year Listing $99.00
Featured one year listing includes up to 10 photos, link to your web site, 1 video clip, coupons and featured placement. 
BONUS: You get exclusive access to over 20,000 members in our buy/sell groups!  Only business members who belong to our organization can post!
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